Lifesmart Hot Tubs Reviews- Are They Any Good?

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Who Are They

For those in search of the ultimate indulgence, Lifesmart Spas provides an exclusive selection of hot tubs and spas designed to accommodate a variety of budgets and tastes. Their products are designed to fit into any lifestyle, with their wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs perfect for anyone. Boasting only the highest quality materials, their hot tubs guarantee extended longevity and optimal relaxation.

Now you can indulge in a luxurious spa experience without draining your wallet. Their vast selection of high-quality and eco-friendly hot tubs ranges from small portable ones to large, entertaining models.

Lifesmart Spas has various features and settings that enable you to create a customized spa experience tailored precisely to your needs. This includes adjustable bubble jets, temperature control, mood lighting, and more.

Brand History

With its unparalleled hot tubs and exemplary customer service, Lifesmart Spas has made a name for itself in the world of spas over the last four decades. It’s no wonder that they are an industry leader as their spa products never fail to surpass customer expectations, making them truly stand out from the competition. Due to their commitment to excellence, they have become one of the most reputable names in the industry.

With 9 years of experience crafting luxury spas under Watkins Wellness’ belt, these models bring together convenience and elegance for exceptional results. Through the years, its product line has seen great success due to its attention to quality and innovation.

Its ease of use comes from having just a few jets, a single pump/motor capacity, and basic controls that anyone can understand quickly. They strive to create products that stand out from the rest, combining technology and craftsmanship to provide customers with the ultimate relaxation experience at a reasonable price.

Where Are Lifesmart Hot Tubs Manufactured?

Lifesmart Spas has swiftly made a name for itself as one of the most sought-after hot tub and spa brands in the world. Not only are they manufactured here in America, but their international network of distribution centers guarantees fast delivery anywhere on earth.

These items are available both in-person at dealerships and online, with popular sites like Amazon and eBay stocking the best selection.

Lifesmart Hot Tubs Complete Product Line

Hot Tubs

Lifesmart 600DX 7-Person Hot Tub

The 600DX is a large 7-person hot tub from Lifesmart Spas, featuring an impressive selection of features and settings. It’s a cost-effective choice for large families and outdoor entertaining, with adjustable jets, temperature control, a built-in waterfall, mood lighting, and more.

The 600DX is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation, with the added bonus of being eco-friendly and energy efficient. So whether you’re looking to relax with your family or entertain guests, the Lifesmart 600DX Hot tub has it all and more.


  • Seats 7 people
  • 42 adjustable jets
  • Full-body lounge seat
  • Temperature control up to 104 degrees

Who’s the right fit for the product

The 600DX is perfect for those who want to entertain guests or have a larger family. It’s also ideal for accommodating those with mobility issues or who need extra space to relax and unwind.

Lifesmart Rock Solid Plug and Play Hot 4-Person Tub

The LifeSmart Plug and Play Hot Tub is perfect for those looking to relax in their own backyard. It features 13 warm, sizzling jets, 4 bucket seats, and a digital control center to adjust the temperature and jets. It also includes LED lights and an insulated locking thermal cover to keep the water warm while not in use.

The thermal cover also helps to conserve energy, making it perfect for those looking to save money. Also, the built-in features make it easy to set up and use. We like that it also holds up to 205 gallons of water, so you can fit up to four people comfortably.


  • 4-person hot tub
  • 13 jets
  • Digital control system
  • Underwater, multi-color LED lights
  • Holds 205 gallons of water
  • Insulated locking thermal cover

Who’s the right fit for the product

The LifeSmart Plug and Play Hot Tub is perfect for those looking to relax in their backyard. It’s great for families or couples who want to entertain guests, as well as those who need extra space to relax and unwind.

Lifesmart LS200-T 110V 4 Person Hot Tub

The LS200-T Hot Tub from Lifesmart is the perfect choice for those looking to relax and unwind. Featuring adjustable jets, temperature control, a built-in waterfall, an airflow control system, and a built-in cup holder, this spa is perfect for entertaining guests or just spending time with family.

The built-in lighting and energy-efficient design help to conserve energy, making it great for those looking to save money. The filtration system also ensures that your water stays clean and clear.


  • 4-person hot tub
  • 110V plug-and-play design
  • Two 3-horsepower pumps
  • Energy Efficient
  • Digital control system
  • Adjustable jets and temperature control
  • Built-in waterfall, cup holder, and lighting
  • Airflow control system Filtration system

Who’s the right fit for the product

The LS200-T is perfect for those who want a strong spa experience but don’t have a lot of space. It’s great for small families or couples looking to entertain guests.

But Are They Any Good?

What’s the Warranty Like?

When you purchase a Lifesmart Spa, rest assured that it comes with an outstanding 5-year limited warranty for the shell and 1-year full coverage on parts and labor. On top of that, they guarantee the longevity and quality of your hot tub with their renowned two-year warranty, so you can rest assured knowing it will be operating in peak condition for years to come. Not only does this guarantee optimal performance from your investment but also provides amazing value over time.

Any Known Quality Issues?

Lifesmart hot tubs are one of the most reliable on the market, apart from minor delivery and setup issues. Many of our customers have voiced concerns about the temperature accuracy, citing that it reads 104 degrees when the actual temperature is around 100. We believe this is due to design or model rather than an issue with a single unit.

Fortunately, we’ve not encountered any other issues regarding quality so far. Their durability and craftsmanship have largely been praised by customers, with a majority of users saying they’re easy to maintain and operate. Plus, their customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

How Do the Lifesmart Hot Tubs Compare to the Competition?

When it comes to hot tubs, Lifesmart spas offer excellent value for money. They provide a range of features that are usually only found in more expensive models. From their patented energy-efficient systems to their digital control system, these hot tubs offer reliability, comfort, and convenience. Not to mention, you get a remarkable 5-year warranty on the shell and one year of full coverage for parts and labor, which is something few competitors can offer.

Their models are competitively priced and packed with high-end features. In comparison to other brands on the market, such as Jacuzzi and Coleman, Lifesmart spas boast similar features at a more affordable price point. For example, the LS200-T 110V 4-Person Hot Tub is just as luxurious and powerful as other brands but comes at a fraction of the cost.

Overall, Lifesmart hot tubs are an excellent choice for anyone looking to save money without sacrificing quality. Plus, the customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

How To Choose The Right Lifesmart Hot Tub For Your Need

Selecting the ideal Lifesmart hot tub for your requirements can be intimidating. Factors like size, capacity, energy efficiency, and amenities should all be taken into account. Thankfully, Lifesmart provides an array of spas to fit any budget or lifestyle need.

Before purchasing a hot tub, you must consider the space available and whether there is already an existing foundation. Consider just how frequently you would like to take advantage of the spa and who is likely to be using it so that your desired size can fit perfectly into the area specified. Then, establish a budget based on this and select materials plus accessories which meet all your requirements within said budget. Don’t forget about any regular maintenance fees, either.

Finally, compare the models available and research any additional features or warranties for each model. Make sure to find out if there are any delivery or installation costs associated with a particular model as well. After weighing all of these factors, you should have no problem selecting the perfect Lifesmart hot tub for you.

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