How to Clean Toilet Tank Mold

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Mold is often found in toilets, especially if your home has water damage or moisture build-up in other areas; however that is not necessary. The constant presence of water in the bowl and tank makes it easy for mold to take hold and start to spread.

If you’ve ever seen a black ring around the edge of the water level, that’s mold in the toilet. As mold can easily spread, it’s important to clean the toilet immediately. It’s not attractive, and it can be dangerous to your health if you’re exposed to it for prolonged periods.

What is the Main Cause Of Mold In Toilets?

Clean the inside of a toilet tank

Mold can essentially thrive in any room in a home as long as there is moisture and a lack of ventilation. The bathroom is especially prone to molds and spores due to the presence of water and dark corners, which are perfect for mold growth.

Most but not all mold problems arise due to plumbing issues or a leaky roof that starts with a damp issue and creates the perfect environment for these fungi.

A toilet left alone or simply not flushing a toilet will allow the mold to grow rapidly. A toilet that is flushed and cleaned regularly will prevent any mold from growing.

Is Mold Dangerous For Me?

Prolonged exposure to these types of molds, whether it be through touch or when water droplets are sprayed out during a flush, or simply through inhalation, can cause various health issues.

Mild symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, skin rashes, coughing, and wheezing are most common, but these can lead to severe health conditions and infections, especially in very young children or old people that have existing health issues if the mold problem is not resolved.

Why Is The Mold Only Growing In The Toilet Bowl?

So Gross (there was mold in the toilet!)

There are a number of reasons why you are only finding mold growing in your toilet bowl. If you live in a neighborhood where there is a high mineral deposit content in the water, that will feed any mold you have in the bowl every time you flush.

If your toilet bowl has fine cracks where mold can stick and live, that will allow it to flourish within these cracks. Mold feeds off sugar, so the PH of urine and the chemical content of human waste can contribute to mold growth. Studies have shown a link between diabetes and mold growth.

What Equipment You Need To Clean Mold From A Toilet

Housemaid holding bathroom cleaning supplies bottles

As mentioned earlier, molds and spores can be dangerous to your health so taking precautions and having the correct equipment is necessary.

  1. A pair of long thick rubber gloves to avoid any contact with the mold.
  2. A ventilator to prevent breathing in any molds or spores.
  3. A bucket and rags.
  4. A hard brush and a soft brush.

How To Clean Mold From A Toilet Tank By A Vinegar Soak

This is one of the easiest methods to clean mold out but unfortunately, you will need a spare toilet to use while it is soaking.

  1. Drain the toilet tank and switch off the water so the tank doesn’t refill.
  2. Add 4-5 gallons of white vinegar until the overflow tube.
  3. Leave for 12 hours.
  4. Flush the toilet draining all the vinegar.
  5. Add a cup of baking soda and using a brush scrub the residue in the tank.
  6. Turn the water back on and flush the toilet a few times allowing all the residue to flush through.

How To Clean Mold From The Toilet Using Vinegar & Baking Soda

You don’t need to go out and buy those tough expensive cleaning products from the supermarket to get rid of the toilet tank and bowl mold. You can use supplies that you already have in your home!

  1. Pour one cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl and one cup into the tank.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda in the toilet bowl and the tank. Make sure to spread it under the rim and in the corners.
  3. Leave it to sit for 60 minutes.
  4. Take a toilet brush and start to scrub off all the residue using the water in the bowl.
  5. Leave for 15 – 30 minutes and scrub the persistent stains.
  6. Flush the toilet a couple of times draining the water-vinegar mixture from the tank.

How To Clean Mold From The Toilet Using Borax

Most people will use baking soda with vinegar however you can also use borax to clean mold from your toilet.

  1. Drain the water from the tank and turn off the water supply to the tank.
  2. Create a paste using 4 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of borax.
  3. Use a brush and this paste and scrub the toilet bowl and toilet tank until the entire surface is covered.
  4. Leave to sit for 1-2 hours.
  5. Scrub any remaining stains.
  6. Turn the water on and flush the toilet a few times to clean the tank and bowl.

How To Clean Mold From The Toilet With A Handheld Steamer

No chemicals or waiting time is required just use a handheld steamer on the mold and see results immediately.

  1. Empty water from the tank and flush to drain all the water.
  2. Using the different attachments to tackle the mold both in the toilet tank and the toilet bowl.
  3. Get all the corners and hinges leaving no residue of the mold.
  4. Once finished spray some vinegar to help prevent the mold from returning.

How To Clean Mold From The Toilet With Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a very effective way to clean mold from the toilet and hydrogen peroxide is in most homes.

  1. Pour 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl.
  2. Spray hydrogen peroxide in the toilet bowl making sure to get under the rim.
  3. It will instantly start to bubble killing the mold.
  4. Leave to sit for 30 minutes.
  5. Scrub the mold away from both the tank and the bowl until clean.
  6. Flush the toilet.

How To Clean Mold From The Toilet With Bleach

Bleach can be found in most homes and can be used to eliminate mold however it is toxic and will deteriorate the rubber and plastic seals over time. Never mix bleach with vinegar as it will create a toxic fume.

  1. Do not use pure bleach it will stain the ceramic. Fill a spray bottle with 10 parts water and 1 part bleach.
  2. Spray and scrub until clean.
  3. Add a half cup of bleach to the water tank to help prevent the mold from returning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use Coca Cola To Clean My Toilet?

You may have seen videos of people cleaning various things using the famous soda brand. Coca Cola is an option however, it is not a very good one as it contains acid that corrodes the metal, and repeated use of this soda will deteriorate the insides of the toilet.

How To Prevent Mold From Returning?

Once your toilet is clean you will want to keep it that way and not allow any mold to return. A good way is to check the tank regularly and pour a cup of distilled white vinegar into the tank at night and flush it in the morning. This will clean out any bacteria and prevent mold from growing. Repair any leaks you may have in the toilet and make sure your toilet is properly ventilated. If ventilation is difficult then getting a small humidifier can help reduce the moisture in the toilet.

Should I Call A Professional?

If you find that the mold has spread to other parts of your toilet and keeps returning after cleaning then it may be time to call a professional to deal with the issue. Mold can grow at a rapid rate so treating the mold problem early is essential to avoid further damage.

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